Cheer Anna from HP Total Care!

Posted on April 12, 2007


After a month, I finally got a new sound driver for my HP dv2130us working on Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit. This driver is better than older one from Microsoft. Now, I can use built in microphone and play music after standby but it disable some advance sound features also!

You can download dv2130us-new sound driver from here

The good (compared to the “work-around” driver):
32-bit and 64-bit compatible — Thank you for this!
Installation goes smoothly
WHQL (according to folder name)
This is a NEW driver — not an old one rebadged
The recording devices are now labelled intelligently so you can choose between them
The good (compared to the Microsoft driver):
Mute/vloume controls/remote work
Headphones mute speaker as they should
Sound works after resume from standby

The less good:
This is still a kind-of XP/Vista hybrid driver — I’m not sure how much this matters with audio drivers — hopefully someone who knows more than I can comment — although a side benefit is that you can use the 64-bit driver on XP x64 if you also install the Microsoft UAA driver for that OS
There does still seem to be a bit of lag at boot –but it doesn’t feel terribly long (at least on 64-bit)

The bad:
No system-wide advanced sound controls — if you messed with the Micosoft driver at all, the advanced sound controls they provided in the control panel did A LOT to enhance the sound on these systems. Unfortunately, neither that panel or a similar one is provided as part of this driver.